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Microsoft SQL Server Distributed Replay Part 1

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The Microsoft SQL Server Distributed Replay feature helps you assess the impact of future SQL Server upgrades. You can also use it to help assess the impact of hardware and operating system upgrades, and SQL Server tuning.

SQL Server Distributed Replay is introduced with SQL Server 2012 (E.E).Works with SQL Server 2005 and later.

This can be installed independently of SQL Server Engine.

1. SQL Server Distributed Replay Controller
SQL Server Controller will be used to process the trace file and generate the replay processed files.

2. SQL Server Distributed Replay Client
SQL Server Client should be connected to the Controller. As these will be used to replay the processed files to the Target SQL Server.


Pre-requisites for installing Distributed Replay Component


Service Account for component Services

If you use more than 1 Distributed Replay client on multiple machines the same account should be used to connect the Distributed Replay Controller.

Distributed Replay Installation and Configuration

Install the Distributor Replay Controller and Client .


In the Distributed Replay Client Setup, The Controller Server name will be the Server name of the Distributed Replay Controller.


For more than 1 client, just install the Distributed Replay Client feature.

After the Installation Start the Services on Controller server and Client Services

Controller Server

NET STOP "SQL Server Distributed Replay Controller" 
NET STOP "SQL Server Distributed Replay Client" 
NET START "SQL Server Distributed Replay Controller" 
NET START "SQL Server Distributed Replay Client"

Client Server

NET STOP "SQL Server Distributed Replay Client" 
NET START "SQL Server Distributed Replay Client"

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Query the Central Management Server List

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USE [msdb]
SELECT    g.[name] AS [Group],
        s.[name] AS [SQLAlias],
        s.[server_name] AS [SQLInstance],
        s.[description] AS [Description]
FROM    [dbo].[sysmanagement_shared_server_groups_internal] g

LEFT JOIN [dbo].[sysmanagement_shared_registered_servers_internal] s
    ON    g.[server_group_id] = s.[server_group_id]
WHERE    g.[server_type] = 0
    AND    g.[is_system_object] = 0
ORDER BY [Group], [SQLAlias]

Find Database Owner’s

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Check database ownership of Databases on a SQL Instance


select suser_sname(owner_sid),name from sys.databases
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Download and Install Upgrade Advisor

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Download SQL Server 2014 Upgrade Advisor


Download SQL Server 2012 Upgrade Advisor


Expand the Install Instruction


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