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AWS S3 Storage – Access S3 Storage On-Premesis using TntDrive Tool


Recently i have been asked by one of my client on how can i use my AWS S3 Storage Bucket to uploaded / download or directly write to the bucket from local PC without using AWS console or Storage Gateway.

To provide S3 Storages available directly attached to your system (Writes to local system in temp folder and queue it to load slowly) , there are couple of tools available. In this post i will show on using Tntdrive to attach my S3 storage bucket as Network or Removable Drive under Windows.


Tntdrive is not expensive.For Licensing please visit Tntdrive


Download and install Tntdrive. Open Tntdrive and click  image


Provide you Access Key ID,Secret Access Key and choose the bucket.Provide the Drive Name.At the bottom  you will see image .Click it



You can choose option as


Navigate to Amazon S3 Storage. I have opted for both the option as it was the requirement.



Caching Tab has multiple options to choose , I used it as default

Once you click OK , you will see the bucket mapped to drive.



In the Drive explorer



Now lets see how can i used it.

Copy the files directly to the bucket and it will be queued for upload, you can see the progress by clicking Queue  : Tasks





You can directly copy the files from the Bucket Network Drive. If you have uploaded the databases backups, I will suggest you to directly restore it over the network.

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